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You are the Captain of a small merchant ship on the high seas! Buy goods from port and sell them to passing friendly merchants at sea to make your booty. But watch out! the open waters are not so kind. Stay alive and make your fortune!

- New with Alpha Patch -

-Added option  at the main menu for selecting your own aspect ratio, for now either 16:9 or 5:4

-Added large "click here" animation over top of the phantom bomb so players know to click on it

-Added explosion effect for phantom bomb

-Added sound effect for the phantom bomb explosion

-Changed the way a phantom bomb deals it's damage to the player

-Adjusted position of Dutchman's heart to make it a little easier to hit

-Updated the main UI, you will see that your boat health and skill bar have moved. 

-Added a basic, expandable inventory system attached to the new UI - your cargo is now located here, with room for future items.

- Added a custom sprite for the mouse cursor.

-Minor bug fix to  gameover screen functionality

-Things to know - 

- if you are playing with an aspect ratio of 5:4 the fullscreen button may not work correctly, I am actively looking into possible fixes for this. It still works fine when using a 16:9 aspect ratio.

-The fish are still bugged when interacting with the fish hook, causing them to sometimes swim backwards.


This project is still in development. - future updates include, but are not limited to; expanded economy(different types of goods, items), new ships, crew, random events such as pirate and sea monster attacks.

Please consider supporting this project with the recommended $2.00 donation :) It would be greatly appreciated!

Published Dec 05, 2017
StatusIn development
TagsLudum Dare 40


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Tycoon of the HighSeas-Alpha- 19 MB
Tycoon of the HighSeas-Ludem Dare Original build 12 MB


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This is what the game looks like to me.  I suggest making the window scaleable, like being able to drag a corner or side and make it larger that way.  Sorry I did not get back sooner.

Hey QuantumStar! glad to see that you're still checking up on this. Sorry that I haven't gotten to it earlier but I do plan on adding an options menu into the game which in part will give the ability to select your own resolution. I plan to implement this no later than alpha patch I put out a new patch weekly so keep an eye out :)and if you are interested in keeping up with development you can follow the devlog at relictoothstudios.com 

Thanks!  I will keep checking up daily to see if you added it. 

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Hey could you please send me an email at relictoothstudios@outlook.com, need some information on your screen's resolution and aspect ratio, It is difficult for me to test across multiple resolutions and ratios on my own. I'd also like your help in testing the resolution options if your up for it. Thanks and in the meantime, try out the AR_Test build and see if choosing a 5x4 aspect ratio fixes your problem.

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There should be a way to enter fullscreen, I seem to be getting only the left portion and a tutorial is always helpful. Other than that, this game has potential! So you know, I have Windows 7.