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You are the Captain of a small merchant ship on the high seas! Buy goods from port and sell them to passing friendly merchants at sea to make your booty. But watch out! the open waters are not so kind. Stay alive and make your fortune!

- New with Alpha Patch -


-Adjusted the water physics a bit to give a slightly more realistic feel

-Added water physics to port

-Added a new cloud layer while at sea and in the title screen

-Added some atmospheric perspective to the game

-Added a few more background terrain objects(mountains) to the port and adjusted the depths of most objects to account for the new atmospheric perspective.

-Added a few mountains to the sea after you set sail to give the impression of leaving port

-Cannonballs that hit the sea floor now kick up some sand when they land

-Adjusted position of dutchman's phantom heart

-Updated the fish icon on the UI to not just reflect the blue colored fish but instead be more representative of all fish


-You can now catch the different colored fish which all have their own unique values at the fish shop

-Updated fishing shop UI to include all the different fish

-The captain and crew will only eat blue fish


-Adjusted the moon object's depth to appear behind the clouds in the foreground

-Once again, reworked the return to port button to fix a number of bugs with it's functionality,

-Multiple fish can no longer be caught on the same line

-Things to know - 

-The fish are still bugged when becoming unhooked from the fish hook, causing them to sometimes swim backwards.

This project is still in development. - future updates include, but are not limited to; expanded economy(different types of goods, items), new ships, crew, random events such as pirate and sea monster attacks.

Please consider supporting this project with the recommended $2.00 donation :) It would be greatly appreciated!


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Tycoon of the HighSeas-Alpha- 19 MB


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by RelicToothStudios · 1 post
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